Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Students' PrizeYachts and Sailors PrizeArtistic PrizeAchievement Prize
Textile PrizeEvent PrizeFashion Goods PrizeNational Awards Prize
Worldwide Awards PrizeAdvanced PrizeStreet Furniture PrizeJournal Prize
Museums PrizeFaculty PrizeCollege of Design PrizeAdvanced Prize
Architects PrizeGreatest Design Works PrizeGreatest Design Pieces PrizeIndicator of Good Design Prize
Highlighting PrizeExquisite Designs PrizeTop Designers PrizeProfessional Designers Prize
Choice of Security PrizeDesign, Arts and Architecture PrizeFinancial Products PrizeWorkshop and Warehouse Prize
Pet Products PrizeArchitecture Projects PrizeEntertainment Products PrizeHospitality Prize
Information Processing PrizeArchitectural Projects PrizeBeauty Products PrizeTransparent Goods Prize
Blue Goods PrizeFunctional Furniture PrizeElectronic Goods PrizeExhibition Spaces Prize
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